Making Money From Home For Free – Pipe Dream Or Real Possibility?

Making money from home for free is an opportunity whose time has come. Due to the huge efficiencies in the structure of network marketing as pointed out by Dr. Charles King, business professor at the University of Illinois, it is possible to buy better quality products than we currently buy at the grocery or vitamin shop for less money through membership in a network marketing opportunity.

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Now, admittedly, it is rare for this savings to be passed along to the consumer of soaps and vitamins, but there are a few companies that offer phenomenal value to the consumer, as well as to the distributor.

Network marketing still suffers the distrust of the general public, but that may be changing. Sales for many of the network marketed products have been increasing in the current extreme recession, due to a whole new audience of open-minded real estate and other professionals giving MLM a second look wholesale pipes.

Just as there are many legitimate corporations that serve the public with needed products and services, so too there are legitimate network marketing businesses. Now would be a good time for the average person to overcome their knee-jerk distaste for the very mention of network marketing.

Learning how to judge any business opportunity would be a good first step

A quick review of information provided online by the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association will provide the basics for factually considering the merits of any business opportunity.

Besides choosing a company with a good reputation and products that are of interest, it is important to choose a competent and caring sponsor who will train the new distributor in how to successfully build their business. Familiarity with the product line, the compensation plan, and a willingness to to be available to assist the new business owner are all important factors in choosing a sponsor.

While it is possible to find the rare opportunity to make money with nothing but personal effort and pre-existing spending, it is much more feasible and more profitable to make money faster with some investment, usually less than a thousand dollars.

With few jobs to be found and bills continuing to pile up, many would be wise to take a look at the opportunities open to them through network marketing of useful products people around the world are buying every day. Nowhere else are there such opportunities to parlay our everyday purchases into a substantial income by simply talking to others.

It should be pointed out that network marketing doesn’t require door-to-door selling. It is more like a cooperative effort with many people each doing a small part to build a substantial business over a few years’ time — each sharing in the profits generated by their combined effort. It could be a timely way to provide needed income when conventional jobs are nowhere to be found.

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