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1950’s Fancy Dress – 3 Great Ideas For 1950’s Halloween Costumes This Year

1950’s fancy dress costumes are one of the most popular genre of all Halloween outfits. The decade brought us a whole range of glamorous styles, which exploded onto the scene after the end of fashion rationing, which had come into place during and after the second world war.

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The choice of 1950’s Halloween costumes is vast, so much so that there are even specialist 1950’s fancy dress websites online, which have been created with the sole purpose of helping you find a costume that is right for you.

Below we consider three great ideas for 1950’s Halloween costumes this year, to help you decide on the type of 1950’s fancy dress outfit that you want to wear to the upcoming party american flag dress.

Idea One: Fifties Poodle Costumes

One of the factors that affected the fashion scene in the fifties was the birth of Rock n Roll. As well as a brand new and exciting sound, a totally new look suddenly emerged. Chief amongst the outfits worn by the girls dancing to this new music craze was of course the Poodle skirt. Nowadays, you are able to recreate those exciting times by purchasing a really authentic looking 1950’s Poodle costume, which are usually based around a satin sleeveless top, a neck scarf and of course the Poodle skirt itself.

Idea Two: Fifties Diner Outfits

Another pop culture to come from the fifties was the emergence of Fast Food and in particular the American diner. The diner has become a mainstay in films celebrating the decade and so the costumes worn by the waitresses in those diners are instantly recognisable. Fifties diner costumes are usually based around a mini-dress and an apron, which may only be loosely based on the original outfits worn by waitresses working in burger bars and diners back in the day, but are nonetheless certainly bright and fun costumes to wear.

Idea Three: Traditional Fifties Costumes

As well as American diners and Rock ‘n Roll, the 1950’s was famous for a number of other themes that have become the inspiration behind fifties outfits. The 50’s prom dress, the 50’s nerd outfit, the greasers and casuals costumes are all popular themes from the decade, but my personal favourites are the fifties Mom and Pa costumes. These wonderful looking fifties fancy dress costumes take us back to more idyllic times, when life just appeared to be a little bit more simple than it is today.

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