Salu International Health Products Business Opportunity Review

Salu International is the newest kid on the block in the health and wellness industry and is based out of Newnan GA. The company offers two products that are aimed at the baby boomer generation that will help promote a healthy lifestyle through antioxidant rich tablets and one that helps with joint pain and supports the building up of supporting cartilage. As is the trend this is an opportunity to also build an income as a distributor of the product. So, lets take a look at what this opportunity is all about.

First, lets look at the products offered by Salu International. The first product is Vital-Res V and is a supplement that contains the extracts of nutritionally abundant seeds and berries infused with Resveratrol. Reservatrol is a compound rendered from Japanese Knotweed and is an 日本保健食品 agent that has shown to be a potent anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and cholesterol lowering agent. There is also evidence that it fights against cancer. The second product is called Vital Flex and is a formulation of ingredients that aid in bone and joint health using natural anti-inflamatories found in the exotic extracts of Knotweed, Acai berries and Maqui Berries. Salu’s mission statement is to “empower our distributors and consumers to improve their lives with an innovative health & wellness product line, cutting-edge marketing materials, and a support base that is unmatched.”

The compensation plan is typical of a network marketing company and is based on a down line matrix system. It costs $49 to enroll as a distributor and then you can purchase the product at wholesale and re-sell it at retail value and receive the difference. And as you sign up distributors under you receive commissions on the lesser of the legs you have under you. You can also receive a quick start bonus of $300 if you sign up five distributors in the first 30 days. As you get more active distributors under you move up to different levels where your guaranteed monthly income is based on your lesser leg of your matrix.

This is an opportunity to earn an residual income and you will have to do some major marketing to accomplish this. You will have to stay active and be a team leader to lead your team to success. You will need to know how to market online effectively and continue to show and teach your team these skills. The products are good and appeal to a large market that is still growing and aging. You will need to market to more than just your warm market to make a considerable income, but the opportunity is there.

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