Building a Sales Team: How to Hire Your Company’s Super Team

Your sales team is only as good as the weakest link. That is why when you’re building a sales team it is imperative that you look for people with similar qualities and a passion for sales. But how does a sales manager pick out effective sales team members without seeing them in action?

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Building a Sales Team With the Right Candidates
Your company should always be on the lookout for high-quality members for your sales team. If you wait until the moment you are in need of new staff, you will be forced to pick from the bunch given to you Best cannabis strains. Since today’s industry is Internet-based, post your hiring advertisements on social media pages and online job boards. With each resume you receive in response, you should do a quick “filter” before pushing that candidate to the live interview pile.

Filtering is rather tricky, however. Since a resume rarely has the information to tell you whether or not a person is effective in sales, when you’re building a sales team you need to look for key points that help you pick worthy candidates over the others. A creative way to filter out candidates is through an express screening process, such as requiring candidates to include a pitch or sales statement with their resume. From there, you can conduct a three-minute over-the-phone conversation to determine if they have the right qualifications and if they sound like a person you want representing your sales team.

Utilizing Outside Expertise
As a sales manager, you are already busy with the task at hand: selling. Therefore, you cannot possibly filter and interview potential candidates on a daily basis. Your business coach, however, can assist with the basic hiring and filtering steps to lighten the load. Since your business coach is already aware of your company’s core goals and has helped devise a strategy for improving your team’s sales, he can help build a sales team by weeding out candidates who will not fit into your company’s sales mold.

Group Assessment
When you have a pool of potential candidates at hand, offering a group assessment interview is key to seeing how those candidates interact with others and more so within the environment they will be working. Your business coach can set up a structured orientation and assessment that first trains, educates, and coaches your pool of potential hires, and then releases them into the sales world. By putting the candidates in a real-life group setting, you can assess their true sales strengths and weaknesses, assess their ability to work with others on a sales team, and determine whether they suit your company’s brand and style.

By taking the time to assess candidates and using the expertise of your business coach, you can effectively start building a sales team that will produce results and benefit your company in the long run. After all, it only takes one weak link in your team to lower your company’s effectiveness and ability to sell your products-and that is something your company cannot afford in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive market.

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