Dubai Is The Coolest, Hottest and Best Place to Ride the Economic Rollercoaster of Humanity

Quite frankly, I think every American inherently knows that in the United States we have a spending problem. Of course, we aren’t alone, if you look at Dubai, you can see they have one too, and each project is more elaborate than the next, each one trying to outdo the incredible architecture, engineering marvel, or nuance of the last. There is of course a difference between Dubai and the United States. In Dubai they actually have a solid income from the sale of oil, whereas in the United States we are running trade deficits, and we are spending money we don’t have.

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One could argue that Dubai is spending money it doesn’t have, and is borrowing against future oil sales. Nevertheless, due to its ability to export this product, it is somewhat shielded economically, even after the last pullback it experienced when it got ahead of itself. In any case, one could say that Dubai is like an economic roller coaster. How fitting then that they have decided to build the world’s largest roller coaster fit out dubai.

The was an interesting article in Park World Online News on June 11, 2012 titled; “Dubai’s Largest Rollercoaster Destined for City of Arabia” which noted;

“The developers of a new theme park in Dubai are planning what will be the Emirate’s largest rollercoaster to date, courtesy of Mack Rides. The ride in question, destined for the IMG Theme Park at City of Arabia, is a Mega Launch Coaster similar to Blue Fire at Europa-Park in Germany (pictured). Expected to become a signature attraction of the 1.2 million square foot air-conditioned facility, the ride will feature a partial indoor/outdoor construction.”

Well, it’s almost done; the largest rollercoaster. In that article one of those interviewed in the project said; “Dubai is Coming Back!” Well, one could ask if Dubai is actually coming back, or if they’re trying to hold up the bubble, by pumping in a little bit more air and excitement into the society and civilization, and hopefully the economy as well. It just might work as the global economy is expanding, the price of oil is going up, and it is one of the coolest places on the planet. Will this newfound excitement of the roller coaster keep things moving along at a high rate of growth and economic speed?

The reality is we don’t know yet, and there have been ups and downs throughout the region, usually based on the price of oil, and the global economy, as it is a tourist and trade hub. Personally, I’d love to try out this incredible roller coaster and this awesome mega theme park, who wouldn’t? Still, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, and think about how philosophically it is ironic that Dubai is building the biggest roller coaster when its economy in many regards is so similar.

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