Installing Shingles? Roof it Yourself and Save Thousands of Dollars

If you’re looking for “installing shingles – roof it yourself” information, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three tips to get you started…

Installing Shingles – Roof it Yourself Tip #1: Be Careful Out There!

The old sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say that to all of the officers on his shift at the end of his briefings. It’s good advice for you as well. Any money you save installing your own shingles won’t be worth it if you get seriously injured in the process roofing shingles.

Use a good ladder. Make sure it is set up securely and tied off properly. On steep roofs, use a safety harness. Install roof jacks or toe boards at the eave edge to keep you from sliding off. Keep the loose debris swept up, so you don’t fall.

Installing Shingles – Roof it Yourself Tip #2: Do Your Homework!

Roofing isn’t brain surgery, but there are some details you need to get right in order to avoid leaks and pass the roof inspection. Read a book or two on roofing. Check out the installation guides on the websites of the roofing manufacturers. Read the instructions on the shingle wrappers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Suppliers, inspectors and most roofers can all be helpful if you show them a little respect and courtesy. You can also get your questions answered on line at the roofing forums.

Installing Shingles – Roof it Yourself Tip #3: Take Your Time!

It’s true that you can save a lot of money by roofing your own home, but don’t kid yourself. You’ll earn every penny of it and it may be the hardest work you ever do.

You can make the job a lot easier by spreading the work out over a few weeks. Just do a section of the roof at a time. That will also reduce the risk of getting caught in the rain with your entire roof torn off.

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