Different Levels of Graduate Diploma in Germany

A Diploma is actually a diploma or certificate issued by an academic institution, for example college or university, which attests that the recipient has completed a specific course of study. These types of diplomas are very important in the employment market today. A person who has a Diploma will have more opportunities available to them because employers look at educational qualifications when screening potential employees. They will also be able to earn higher wages and receive promotion at their place of work.

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Diploma holders can pursue various career options. Careers such as teachers, nurses and architects may require a Diploma in order to qualify for certain positions Some jobs do not need formal education; however, in order to be competitive in such positions, a person needs to be able to demonstrate their knowledge. By acquiring a Diploma, these people are demonstrating that they are qualified for the position. In addition, some employers prefer candidates who have at least a diploma so that they can offer further training should the need arise. In addition, there are many different career options for those with a Diploma.

Diploma in General Studies. These types of degrees are most common at the master’s level. Courses include subjects such as sociology, anthropology, economics and statistics. The program requires long hours, and students may find themselves taking on-campus classes as well as taking part-time jobs or community-based work.

Diploma in a particular Profession. This type of Diploma is usually acquired from community schools or vocational/trade schools. Some examples of professions that a person may acquire a Diploma in are dental assistant, paralegal, bookkeeper, plumbing professional and a variety of technical trades. Persons who obtain this Diploma in a particular profession have the equivalent skills and that they need to enter the occupation they desire.

Diploma in German. A Diploma in German can be obtained by earning a High School Diploma in German or a German language equivalent. Both of these are equivalent to a Diploma in German, and therefore, it is commonly confused with the former. Because a High School Diploma in German is often considered to be an equivalent to a Diploma in German, there are many institutions that offer French, German or English programs for students who would like to earn a High School Diploma in German or who want to learn the German language. Most universities in Germany also offer programs in this language.

Higher National Diploma. The Higher National Diploma (HNDS) is awarded after one has acquired at least a high school diploma and then has successfully finished at least one year of an accredited higher national diploma program. It is the equivalent of a Master’s Degree. Students must first enroll in a certified institution of higher learning in their desired field of study in order to be eligible for enrollment. Once enrolled, they can apply for an HNDS from the institution of their choice.

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