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Protective Clothing Protects Your Business

Technical treatment of different textile materials is laid down blizzard to the world. In this globalization of science and technology, new technologies like fine chemicals, optical fibers, high polymer plastics, resins, temperature-resistant textile fibers, fiber-reinforced composites etc have proved improved alternative in the form of technical textiles and has updated the blueprint of production; consumption and trade in a considerable way.

York Grey Oak Radiator Cover


Besides traditional textile practicing, technical textiles are used by various industries like advertising banner, automobile, agriculture, aviation, civil engineering, chemical, leather, horticulture, medical, mining, petroleum, packaging, pharmaceutical, electrical, environment protection, food processing, furniture, printing, rubber, transportation, protective and safety clothing etc medium radiator cover .

It covers safeguard against cuts, nuclear, biological and chemical hazards, high voltages and static electricity and other types of harsh effects covering stab wounds, explosions, abrasion, ballistic, fire and extreme heat, dust and particles. Hence, there is a requirement to safeguard the sensitive machinery and equipment by means of cleaning the rooms or stores and provided it with covering and also to protect the employees by providing personal protective equipment according to the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

According to European Council Directive 89/856/EEC protective clothing is that: by an individual any tool or method intended to be put on or held for protection against one or more health and safety hazards in the execution of the user’s activities is called Protective Personal Equipment and in short form it is called as PPE. To trim down the possible hazards significantly for the individual worker, PPE is the ultimate protective application after the whole planning, training and procedural efforts.

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