How to Look Smart Fashionable, and Professional in Business Casual Attire

Business casual for women is dressing down for work. Don’t let the name put you off but it is more than just a casual dress code for women. It is a way of life for many and a way to set oneself apart from other people. This does not mean that the clothes we wear are just for show. They help us get into our work-flow and organize ourselves. So if you are looking for how to wear business casual for women, take the following tips into consideration.

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Do’s and don’t – business casual for women basically include skirts or dresses, a jacket or blouse, a pair of shoes and an appropriate shoe for the workplace. You can be more casual with these clothes as long as you follow the guidelines. It may sound easy but it takes some practice to get to know what is the right thing to wear depending on what you are wearing and where you are going. Read on for some dos and don’t dam cong so.

Don’t Wear Ties – The business casual outfit does not include any pant suits or blouses with this type of clothes. Also avoid tight jeans because they will only make you look more like a man and draw more attention to your mistakes. You can try to wear skirts instead of pants for your workplace clothing. These skirts are available in a variety of colors and cuts and can easily be paired with the right pant suit or blouse.

Don’t Wear Jeans Or pants With A Blazer – For a business casual outfit, it does not mean you need to skip the pant suits and low rise jeans. Yes, these are still an important part of this style. What you can do instead is to pair a nice blazer with a pair of nice business casual pants. The blazer can be a vest, as long as it does not have too much embellishment, and the pants can be without any pleats or cuffs. It is important that your shoes not be boots or pumps since these will only make you stand out worse than you already are.

Don’t Wear Dressy Shoes – Never wear dressy shoes with business casual outfits. You can always wear sandals if you are going to a beach. Otherwise, stick to flats and no-nonsense heels. Nothing beats a nice pair of heels with a skirt and a blouse for a quick and casual look. For the most versatile look, go with simple flats, leather loafers or dressy shoes and a cardigan over your shirt.

Wear Multiple Colors & Designs – There are so many women who look good in business casual attire who just do not put much thought into their outfits. There are those who only wear a white t-shirt with a Jean skirt. They do not realize that they do not actually look that formal if they do not take the time to add some other colors to their outfits. You can easily get away with wearing too many colors and designs if you know what you are doing. The trick is to make sure that the colors that you are putting on a show off your personality and you do not over do it.

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