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If you need a little extra math help for your child this school year I have a suggestion that worked wonders around our house. My wife designed a series of math games and riddles that presented our children opportunity to learn while they thought they were playing! Here is how it works.

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For the younger children in your family it will be simple to just make up some easy math situations that include adding and subtracting 2nd grade go math. Have them draw simple sketches of five or six stick men and create a story such as this. Six men began a short walk to the ice cream store. Two of the men forgot their money and had to go home. How many men got their ice cream?

You can make your stories as simple or as complicated as your child’s level of learning requires. We found that playing a few math games along with snack time as soon as the kids arrived home from school seemed to work best. A word of warning, though. Children take to this type of learning and will demand more and more challenges. Be prepared to create a lot of different situations!

Another of the fun tools for learning math we used was to use math problems to solve a riddle. Assign letters of the alphabet to each math answer. Then use the correct letters to fill in a puzzle or answer a riddle. Kids love this one!

Making math fun for your children is the easiest way to improve their grades. They are just like us. It is a lot easier to learn something if they believe it is just for fun! Math games and riddles have become favorite teacher aids for just this reason. Try incorporating a few fun learning sessions and watch your child’s math grades skyrocket this school year.

You have just seen your child’s report card. It is good to know that your child is well-behaved in school and that he is doing well in most of his subjects. The only concern you have just like in the previous year, is his math grade. Your child has not denied that he is having difficulty in this subject.

It might be that his attitude towards math is partly influenced by how you have described your own struggles when you were a student during your study time together. Maybe it took you a lot of hard work to solve for the value of x in a given equation, that you needed help with fractions and that you never really understood about probabilities. You don’t have to let your child go through all the difficulties you have experienced with math. These days, things have become easier because there are math tutors that you can hire. They will be able to help your child on the things that you are not capable of explaining to your child.

Since you are spending money on a tutor, you should make sure that your child can make the most out of the investment. The ideas that are discussed below will help your child get the most of the time spent on his math tutorial.

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