3 Sure Win Halloween Costumes For Women This 2010

Time is too fast. In few weeks time Halloween will be celebrated once again. Have you started thinking about what you’re going to wear during the party? If you don’t have the idea yet, then come and let’s take a look of the best Halloween costumes for women this 2010 Halloween Background. Being a woman, I’m sure you’ll do everything in order to get noticed by the guests this Halloween. One way to do that is to choose the most distinctive and eye-catching outfit. But before you get one, it might be smart to ask your friends and relatives and see what they’re wearing. In this way, you’ll be able to pick a unique outfit and will avoid duplication.

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Ever since, a witch outfit was regarded as the perfect symbol of Halloween. Though it’s quite a common option, many women are still dressing like witches during costume parties. On the first place witches are magical and powerful. Obviously, most women also want to experience and feel a little bit of magic even just for a night. Witch costumes come in different styles. The costume options are ranging from scary to sexy and from modest to revealing. And believe it or not, there is always a perfect costume for every woman. Who says that witch costumes are only for girls with supermodel bodies? Well, not anymore. It’s because there are upgraded witch costumes which are definitely suitable to anyone. Some are cool while others are little bit funny.

Hollywood Icons

In the age we lived today, it’s not a surprise to witness women dressing like Hollywood icons. Influenced by movies and televisions, we can’t deny the fact that sometime in our life we’ve also dreamt of becoming Hollywood actors. This Halloween season, you can be your favorite Hollywood singer or actor as you wish. What about dressing like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? They’re just some of the hottest Halloween costumes for women this 2010. More often than not, celebrity costumes come in plus-size dresses. They’re simple yet pleasing in the eyes of many. But in order to copy the exact look of the Hollywood icon, you should definitely consider the wig and the makeup. They play an important role in signifying the looks you wish to have.


Superheroes are also head turners during Halloween. Yes, most superheroes are males. But it does not mean superhero costumes are just for men. There are superhero costumes that truly represent female’s pride like Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Wonder Girl and Spider Woman. There are lots of options to choose from. You can even play the role of a villain as you wish. One of the hottest picks this 2010 is the Rita Repulza costume. Rita’s first appearance was on the TV series Power Rangers. It often comes in black plus-size dress with matching face mask and accessories.

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