The Integrity Of A Nation

No matter what Trump details in this latest State of The Union address the integrity of the nation has been lost. For years now even before Trump took office the Republican base has morphed into a behemoth of a self perpetuating movement of obstructionism. Their aim is to ensure empresas de reformas en valencia the status-quo. Any attempt to alter their gravy train is met with swift retaliation against all who oppose. Even the Democratic elites are complicit in their ways of obstructing candidates who are willing to challenge the status-quo.

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Remembering back to when the Occupy Wall Street was gaining momentum only to fall apart before it really became a force for change was in part because of the tactics put in play by the establishment of both political parties. In 2015 the Democratic primaries were all rigged against Senator Sanders. Again it was the establishment of the Democratic party that used unlawful means to sabotage Senator Sanders bid for the Democratic nomination. Now, in 2020 it is the same Democratic party establishment that is again poised to unleash a set of rule changes which will prevent any chance that much needed reforms that will upend the status-quo will never materialize.

The impeachment proceedings and the vote to acquit Trump by the Republicans just showed the world how corrupt and bias they really are. Where the will of the people was never served nor has it been for far too long. These bunch of self serving bureaucrats have not only tarnished America’s reputation but have destroyed this nations integrity in the eyes of the world.

With the United States drifting away from the principles of our Founding Fathers as the rich continue to get richer the nation is actually falling apart. It is a very sad commentary in this day and age that our elected officials continue to misinterpret the Constitution for their own political gain. There is only one person who could pull this nation together and usher in the much needed reforms that will restore this nations integrity. In the process the American public will be the benefactors of policies and reforms that benefit all the people and not just the 1%. And, that person is Senator Bernie Sanders.

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