How to Increase the Effectiveness of Free Ads in Your Marketing Strategy

Craigslist and Backpage are some of the cheapest and yet biggest classified ad sites you are ever going to find in the vast sea of data in the internet. They host advertising services that are at the zenith of utility and you, as an online marketer, would have to be a fool not to use them in your marketing strategy. By using these special functions of a classified ad site, you will be able to make free ads that yield more results than the ones you do in some social networking sites.

But this is what you should really know: how to increase the effectiveness of free ads. Free ads may not be the center of your strategy but making them work may just be the breakthrough you were looking for. Here are some tips in making your free ads effective for your plans in Craigslist and Backpage alternative to backpage :

1. Choice of Words

Think of words that your customer might want to see, like the word “free” or “click here.” Presenting to them some kind of provocative ad will surely boost the click numbers. Keep it short and simple. Don’t try to put everything into one box. Five to six sentences are already long. Post the important details only while making the ad catchy. Of course, after all that, don’t forget the link they would have to click to see the actual free ad. In order to understand how to increase the effectiveness of free ads (Craigslist, Backpage), you should know first the power of words.

2. Visuals

If you’ve had enough of those static free ads that do nothing but chat by itself, animation or pictures may just do the job. Moving free ads, which are somehow hard to come by these days, will most likely be noticed by the surfer especially in a place where everything else is still. Get the visual running. Go for pictures if you don’t find animation. A suggestion is to make your own ad – as some ad generators just won’t do. If the picture is an image of the product, this might help the surfer be enticed in what you are advertising.

3. Say no to Spam

This is an issue that is hard to resolve, especially in this type of business. Not only will you be removed from the site if you are spotted, you will also be remembered by the surfer if your ad proves to be annoying. Bad rep is bad rep wherever you go, online or in the physical world. Make sure you read the policy of the site and how things are done just to makes things clear.

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