Addictions – Gambling

An addiction is a terrible thing. People who do not suffer from any addictions can’t possibly understand what it is like for somebody who does. The number of things that one can be addicted to are many. Basically, just about anything in this world can become addictive, from sex to drugs to watching TV to eating. The underlying cause of all addictions is a personality disorder agen judi togel . However, for our purposes here, we’re going to just cover one particular addiction and try to explain how it works and how to cope with it.

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Gambling is probably one of those addictions that affects more people than the people themselves would care to admit. If you think that isn’t true then just take a look around you at the world we live in. In the United States alone, there isn’t one state that doesn’t have some kind of daily, weekly and instant lottery. New Jersey, for instance, has a pick 3, a pick 4, a pick 6 and the mega jackpot which actually spans several states. In addition to this, they have a number of instant lotteries. Gambling income in New Jersey alone is in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

What most people don’t understand about a gambling addiction is that it really has very little or nothing to do with wanting to get rich. Yes, people want to have money and chasing after that elusive jackpot each week gives them something to look forward to, but the reason people become addicted to gambling is because of the rush that gambling gives them. It’s not the size of the jackpot but the thrill of the chase and the amazing feeling they experience when a win comes in, even if it’s just a few dollars. For that matter, a compulsive gambler would get a thrill going down to the boardwalk at a sea resort and winning tokens that couldn’t be cashed in for anything more than just a cheap prize that they probably spent more for than it is worth.

A compulsive gambler needs that constant rush. When he is not gambling he is literally lost. He doesn’t know what to do with his time. Compulsive gamblers usually don’t play just one particular game. They’ll gamble on anything they can get their hands on. During the football season they’ll bet on every game, not just the ones of their favorite team. For that matter, a compulsive gambler doesn’t even have to have a favorite team. He may not even like football, but he’ll watch the game for the rush it will give him should his team of choice win.

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