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Tips For Hotter Sex

Your sexual experiences right now may be mind-blowing but you can achieve a level of hotter sex that could leave you and your partner quivering and breathless with after-glow. How is this possible? If your sex life is great, remember, there’s always room for improvement; and by improvement, we mean earth-shattering orgasms and the most intense of erotic sensations! Most couples say they want to get down and dirty like porn stars; the problem is, porn is fake and your intimate experiences are very real so they should be twice as pleasurable as any XXX film. So how do you go from slightly hot to sizzling sex in a single sexual session?

• Use your imagination! Unleash the carnal desires that are hidden in the caverns of your dirty little mind! We all have fantasies and sometimes it can be wonderful to let those fantasies take control of our sex lives. How? Be uninhibited and say things you normally wouldn’t say! It’s all about being spontaneous and free-spirited with your lover so it’s important to communicate your needs, wants, and ultimate passions during your love-making. Hotter sex requires you to have a boost in confidence and a sense of humor if your ideas don’t work out as you may have imagined them. If you come to a point where a position may have worked better in your mind, improvise with something new and more exciting! Erotic sensation and orgasmic stimulation can only go as far as your imagination will allow it to go.

• Take a few tips from those erotic stories and harlequin romance novels. If this means blindfolded sex, break out your winter scarves and hop on! If your sexual ideal for hotter sex requires passionate kissing, remember the make-out days of your youth and allow your tongues to mingle in sexual bliss Shibuya Kaho . Read up on the sexy challenges for every day of the year and see if you can make all of those happen. Hotter sex means using your fingers, entire body, tongue, lips, and everything in between to rev up your significant other to the point of mind-numbing sex and intense release!

• Talk dirty! Too many couples are shy when it comes to communicating in the bedroom. The hottest thing any guy can hear from you is, “I want you inside me.” While there are a multitude of verbal cues that can easily be a woman’s arousal trigger! If you think you sound goofy, then you’ll start believing you shouldn’t speak during sex and that’s a big no-no. Communication is the key to amazing sex and it allows you to let your partner know what feels good while receiving feedback in a sexy way that won’t break the mood. Next time, whisper all of the naughty things that come to mind; you’ll be sure to get an awesome reaction!

Hotter sex all levels down to how much inhibition you have. If you’re scared to reveal yourself in an intimate light to your partner, then hotter sex will be out of your reach until you learn that’s it’s a good thing to have confidence in the bedroom. Hotter sex for you may mean getting freaky with the lights on and that’s always a step in the right direction! We are all visual, sexual, highly imaginative creatures and anything you can create mentally can be utilized to get you and your partner to the cloud 9 of sexual euphoria. When you feel sexy and desired, the sex will be a thousand times better than if you felt self-conscious about your body and all your jiggly bits. Embrace yourself, use your creativity, and hotter sex will inevitably follow!

Any professional will tell you that one of the most important elements of talking dirty is to be comfortable with it. Unless you and your partner are comfortable and free with each other, you will not express your feelings as you should and you will not tell your partner what you want or what he should do and this renders dirty talking pointless. Consider talking dirty a secret between the two of you. As you learn to talk to each other, and know what your partner likes to hear or like to be told, you open a whole new world where only the two of you can explore.

Adult Entertainment remains one of the most controversial industries in the United States that few find social merit in being associated with in any regard. Even though this industry is one of the social taboos, it produces about US$15 billion per year in revenue. This industry is peppered with various fetishes to suit the taste of the consumer appetite.

However, besides the high revenues and eye-candy that comes from this industry, there are enormous social costs. According to many of the statistics from health and welfare agencies, a good percentage of the women and men within the industry had some sort of sexual or physical abuse throughout their childhood. The adult entertainment industry would of course deny many of the facts provided by the agencies that have to rehabilitate and care for those discarded after the fact.

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