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Financial Difficulties With Crohn’s Disease – How Not to Drown in the Sea of Money

Crohn’s disease is a horrible thing. It can lead to a crumby financial situation due to not only excessive pain, but excessive bathroom usage, which means time spent in the bathroom is spent instead of working, studying, and anything else to ensure financial security for the present and future.

So, Crohn’s disease diet is meant to reduce pain and bathroom usage to restore one’s life. However, the Crohn’s diet may come too late for some, and money is needed now and at the moment, not weeks or months after one’s body has gotten used to the healthy change of Crohn’s nutrition that only begins to be managed in a virtually symptom-free manner then.

One suggestion of a money making strategy is thanks to an invention only recently mastered by its makers-the internet. For years, computers have been useful in the workforce How to Be Guided in the Present Moment . In fact, computers were invented by business for businesses and its workers. Ever since the internet, communication technology has multiplied greatly, which leads into job opportunity. When considered, the internet is also helping those with Crohn’s at this moment, for readers are now reading a sure way to reduce symptoms via the internet through this very article, for example.

No energy and excessive bathroom usage means little opportunity to leave the house-earning a living from home is now a strong possibility in the twenty-first century. The same reasons, or symptoms, can lead to no job if Crohn’s nutrition is not introduced, meaning earning a living from home may be the only possibility for some diagnosed with this painful disease.

Besides financial security, a living is ironically crucial to health benefits-no job means a lesser heath care, which means it will be more difficult to deal with Crohn’s. Even more ironic is that Crohn’s nutrition is meant to dismiss the needs of medication, meaning lesser health benefits should not be an obstacle in dealing with Crohn’s. However, lesser benefits, needed or otherwise, may cause stress, and emotional health damage. Moreover, health care is needed for general needs periodically.

The best telecommute job is one based off selling information. It requires little to no startup capital to establish this job, as the information is either already known or may be found online, again, thanks to the internet. Because there are no boundaries to information, there is no boundaries to potential revenue-the more one works to spread information, be it through articles, essays, general website content, power points, videos, forms of art, how-to guides, etc, the more potential revenue.

As we progress through the journeys of our lives, careers and businesses, we often stop to reflect on where we are at a given point in time. Like mapping any trip, we have certain expectations of our progress along the way. Similarly, setting timelines for our goals make them more tangible and urgent. What happens, however, when we find ourselves at a place other than where we expected? A typical reaction is to explain, excuse or perhaps even criticize. The mere fact that we see ourselves as not being “as far along as we should be” passes negative judgment and sets the stage for the world of scarcity thinking. The situations where this kind of scarcity thinking can creep into our psyche are numerous. Here are some examples that may be familiar:

  1. A person begins something that is new and uncertain and finds themselves in a group situation such as a class or educational program. Immediately, they start compare themselves to other and begin to think that “everyone else is so much more qualified or further along” and wonder how they will ever catch or keep up.
  2. A corporate professional thinks their career is passing them by. They see themselves passed over time and time again for recognition, leadership opportunities or promotions. They wonder how it is that they are so stuck where they are and others are moving ahead of them
  3. A new entrepreneur who is sure that they have done all the right things still hasn’t achieved what they thought they would by this stage of their business. Like the professional, they see their peers moving effortlessly toward greater success. They may try new and different things, grasping at this idea or that but become more frustrated or despondent that they are still stuck.

In each of these examples and in others like them, the constraints of scarcity thinking become apparent. What is focused on with laser intensity is “WHAT IS NOT”: what skills are deficient, what career progress or entrepreneurial success is not attained. The Present reinforces our sense of failure as seen through the lens of our own expectations or our assumptions about someone else’s journey.

Step back for a moment and imagine that whatever your circumstances, whatever your present situation, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Where we are at any point in time is the cumulative effect of each of the decisions, actions, external events and our responses to them. Thus, while we may not be where we expected to be, we are where we are supposed to be. By embracing the present, we allow ourselves to discover the unique opportunities that are available to us right here and right now. Instead of beating ourselves up for not being somewhere else, we can identify the options that may have been overlooked otherwise. Perhaps instead of being “stuck”, we are where we are because there is knowledge or information that we need to gather before taking our next steps. Finally, consider the possibility that we are where we are because we need the chance to step back, catch our breath and enjoy things that may have been pushed to the side in the pursuit of our goals.

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