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Different Massage Styles to Enjoy

Massage is one of the oldest medical practices. The ancient Chinese used to put pressure in certain parts of the body to create healing effects. You can even go back to the stone-age where people normally rubbed parts of their body that feel sore or are painful. That in essence is a massage.

Types of massage and their benefits

Massage has many benefits but did you know that not all massages are the same 오피톡. Since massage has been used to heal in many different countries and many different cultures, it is quite understandable that these countries and cultures develop their own styles of massage.

One of the oldest recognized forms of massage was developed by the Chinese in 200 AD. This massage makes use of vital points in the body to heal specific areas of the body. These massages often concentrate on specific areas of the body like the feet and hands. In theory, the feet contain enough pressure points that when you concentrate on one are you actually hear different parts of the body like the liver, heart and many other parts of the body.

A variation of this massage is when they use and instead of the feet. These massages however are the same because the target certain parts of the body to deliver a healing effect.

Another oriental form of massage is Shiatsu massage. This form of massage has existed for centuries even before the entry Chinese massage therapy but it was first referred to as Shiatsu in the 1915 book Tenpaku Tamai’s Shiatsu Ryoho.

Shiatsu massage’s focus is in pressure applied through the fingers. In theory, the therapist uses the palms, fingers and most especially the thumbs to deliver healing. The therapist’s hands are also used to help detect imbalances in the subject’s energy which manifest in the form of sluggishness, soreness and other forms of discomfort.

The scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this form of massage was reviewed by many universities and it has shown to help remove stress and muscle pain. In 2007 an independent study showed that there were long term benefits for both stress reduction and reduction of muscle and joint pain.

Another form of massage is Thai massage. Thai massage is a form of oriental massage that does not use oils. Instead it makes use of various stretching techniques and deep massage through the clothes. Through the course of the massage, the subjects are put into many yoga-like positions. In most cases, the therapists often lean on to their partners to help with the session.

In this form of massage, the prevalent theory is that the body contains air, which are observed through the lungs and travels through the body in the many vessels called Sen. Through the various yoga poses the air is pumped throughout the body causing a new level of wellness.

Massage therapy is a form of alternate medicine that has been around for thousands of years in the far East. It is a therapy in which the fingers, the thumb, the elbows and even the feet are used to put pressure on designated parts of the body. Massage therapists use long massage therapists use long smooth strokes, circular movements and kneading on the superficial or deep muscles of the body depending on the type of massage that is being applied and also on the ailment that the client is suffering from. They may or may not use a kind of lotion or an oil while massaging.

This form of alternate medicine improve circulation by bringing vital oxygen to the body tissues and nutrients also. Massage therapy relieves muscle pain and tension, increases mobility and flexibility, helps clear waste material such as lactic acid that is the cause of stiffness and pain in the muscles and the joints.

There are many kinds of massage therapy and ten of the most popular ones are listed below.

1. Swedish Massage Therapy: The most popular and common kind of massage in the United States. It is also known as simple massage therapy. The massage is primarily meant for relaxation.

2. Aromatherapy Massage: This is basically a form of therapy wherein one or more plant oils or essential oils that have a pleasant aroma are added to the massage. The type of oil that is used depends on the ailment that the individual is suffering from. This kind of therapy is most suited to relieving emotion related stresses.

3. Hot Stone Massage: Smooth stones that are hot are placed on specific parts of the body to loosen and warm tight muscles and balance what are known as balance centers in the body. Gentle pressure may also be applied where the stones are placed. It is good for relieving muscle tension.

4. Deep Tissue Massage: Here the deeper layers of the muscles and the connective tissues are targeted. Slower strokes and friction methods are applied across the grain of the muscle. This type of massage is used for recovery from injury, postural problems, repetitive strain, painful or tight muscles. Most people feel a kind of soreness after they undergo this form of massage.

5. Shiatsu: This is a form of massage that is predominantly used in Japan and uses finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on what are known as acupressure points that are on the body. The pressure is applied gently but firmly and the pressure is held for two to eight seconds.

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