NASA’s Fake Martian Photos Exposed By A Rat

The recent discovery of a photo which appears to show some sort of a creature resembling a rat or squirrel within a series of photographs taken by the NASA Mars Curiosity rover has come as a surprise to most everyone, but not to me. It is featured on a web site called UFO Sightings Daily. The web site offers a close up view of the odd anomaly, but also wisely provides a link to the original Curiosity photo located on the NASA web site. An earlier photograph taken by Curiosity several months ago showed a similar creature which more closely resembles a squirrel on the Mars surface.

A number of theories have surfaced about the photo. One says that NASA might have sent live animals from the Earth to Mars to see how long they could survive on the Martian surface in the alleged ‘thin’ atmosphere which they claim cannot support the forms of life found on our planet. Although Buy Aliens Rx Vape Carts I never believed a word that NASA scientists have said about the Martian atmosphere for a number of reasons, I cannot see how they might have managed to deliver a live rat or squirrel to the red planet unless the spacecraft they sent there is a lot more advanced then we have been told. Another theory is that the space agency has deposited dead animals from the Earth on the Martian surface to see how the bacteria or microbes that they claim represent the only life forms that currently exist there might react to those carcasses.

Finding anomalies in NASA photos is nothing new. UFOs, huge domes and other large artificial structures that may have been built by aliens, and even robotic heads have been discovered in official NASA photos of the Moon and Mars. Many of these photographs show evidence of being doctored by the space agency itself in an attempt to cover something up. One of the most detailed examination of oddities in NASA photos taken on the Moon and Mars can be found on a DVD entitled Somebody Else Is On The Moon and available on eBay. Unlike the photos shown and discussed on that DVD, I believe the rat and squirrel pictures expose an even greater attempt by NASA to keep the world from discovering something which they know to be true: Amazing discoveries have been made on Mars which the U.S. Government does not want to be made public.

The reason that I am not surprised to find earthly animals like rats and squirrels in NASA photos of Mars is that I do not believe the photographs were taken on Mars. I believe that the photos were taken on Earth. That would account for the very earthlike fauna portrayed in those pictures and the fact that the terrain depicted could easily be found in any number of Western States located right here in the USA. I am not trying to say that all of the photos from the Mars Curiosity Rover are fake, but I do believe many may be and for good reason. If proof of intelligent Alien life forms, highly advanced technologies, construction methods or even rare elements which can be mined were discovered on Mars, those are just the kinds of things that our government would desire to keep secret for a variety of reasons that appear to outweigh the public’s right to know.

For over a hundred years Astronomers and Space Probes have recorded strange anomalies on the Martian surface which can be interpreted as signs of life a lot more sophisticated than microbes or bacteria. These include lights, the apparent re-shaping of the Martian landscape by possibly artificial means (which might be construction or mining) and large unexplained structures which resemble cities, transportation systems and deliberately constructed monuments that do not fit in with the normal topography of the planet’s surface. This evidence has been largely ignored by most scientists who are skeptics more interested in the makeup of the universe then the creatures that might live in it. Why? Because the possible existence of intelligent Alien life forms would tend to upset their hypothetical apple cart.

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