What’s Your Brand? Name Brand Or Generic?

When you think of a brand, what comes to mind? Do you think of something you purchase at a store? Do you think of medication? Do you think of a hot poker of some kind? Well, a brand is something that is distinguished by a label, mark or trademark. It’s something that sets you apart from everybody else. Without a brand, you’ll just be generic. A brand name is a name that people know and trust. If your just generic, you’ll be just like everybody else…

Set yourself apart from your competition by branding yourself. Brand YOU, your story, your personality, your interests and your passions. Don’t brand your company brand naming suggestions . People join people – not companies. This is one reason you must have your own website or blog (not your company website), but that’s another article. One of the best ways to make it to the top in your business is to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

I’ll share this story: A friend told me…Her husband, and others, were up for a promotion. They were each asked to give a presentation about anything they wanted. Well, he was a black belt in karate and studied martial arts for many years. In the board room, when his turn came, he jumped up on the table (suit and all) and shouted, “Haaaaaiiiiiyyyya”! Jumped back down an performed a martial art series. Everyone else did a boring presentation about the company and sales and such. He was unique…He got the promotion. His presentation on his passion for martial arts set him apart from the others.

Branding is how we market ourselves to other people. We all have a brand. Has someone ever said something like, ‘you’re so good with kids – you should be a teacher’, or ‘you have so much patients – you should work with gifted children’, or ‘you have such a sense of style – you should be a fashion designer’ or ‘you are so good at decorating your home – you should start your own business’, or you are such a good cook – you should open your own restaurant? Your brand is what you’re known for. It’s something that sets you apart. It is your gift.

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