Do You Know that Gambling Triggers Crime

Is it true that gambling triggers crime? Let’s discuss aboit it. Gambling is a betting game that someone will win or lose. Many types of gambling are scattered or played by many people. Among them are poker gambling, cockfighting, casino gambling, qiu qiu, domino 99, and so on.

As it is known that gambling is actually arranged in such a way that the risk of defeat is greater than the risk of victory given. Indeed, at the beginning of playing, gamblers are usually given a momentary victory judi domino 99 , this is what makes gambling players want to play the game again because they want to win again.

But not a few people who even experienced defeat. This of course can disrupt your financial system where that money should be used for things that are more useful for more positive things than gambling.

Gambling triggers crime action when people who have run out of money due to gambling commit criminal acts to satisfy their desire to gamble. This is certainly not uncommon to make many people have to languish in prison because of gambling activities.

Of course this is very detrimental for someone if only because a gambler has to languish in prison because of gambling. It is important for a person to realize that gambling activities are not good for them. Religion itself has issued a fatwa haram for those who do gambling activities, as well as the government forbids gambling.


Gambling is increasingly circulating today among the public, the thing that makes the popularity of gambling increase, of course, is the risk of victory offered by the site, even though it is actually the percentage risk of losing that is greater.

This is what makes someone who has experienced defeat in gambling ends up robbing, killing, and even borrowing illegal loans that are used to fulfill the desire to gamble which has become an addiction for those gamblers.


Gambling triggers crime action, so stay away from gambling right now if you really don’t want to feel the negative effects of gambling. Of course, staying away from gambling activities is not easy for those of you who already feel addicted or are used to gambling. But you have to do that to prevent criminal acts due to this gambling. But you don’t want to just play gambling and then you have to languish in prison for committing a crime?

Especially for those of you who do have a family, you can think about the fate of your family. Quitting addiction can prevent criminal acts, namely slowly, including looking for positive activities that can indeed make you busy, which of course can also make you forget the gambling activity.

 For example, you can work for those of you who are unemployed, or you can look for additional work to fill your spare time. Because after all there will be no one who is rich because of the gambling game that you must cultivate in order to prevent gambling addiction that triggers criminal acts.

Another thing you can do is get closer to God. Because according to what has been explained above that religion forbids gambling activities in any form.

After knowing that gambling triggers crime, do you still want to continue your hobby of gambling?

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