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Smoked Salmon – A Unique Gift Basket Idea

When it is time to give a friend or family member a great affordable, gift, one present that springs to mind is a gift basket. Gift baskets are easy to get, readily available, and affordable. They are also easy to customize and personalize since many companies now offer made to order gift baskets. Once you have decided to give the gift of a gift basket the hard part is deciding what type of gift basket to choose. Some people enjoy giving gift baskets filled with fruits, others enjoy candy, but others have decided to go with a more unique and elegant option.

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A smoked salmon gift basket offers a level of elegance and uniqueness that the average consumer will overlook when they initially begin shopping for gift baskets. Even though gift baskets are readily available salmon gift baskets are not something that can be found in the average grocery store Kandypen Vaporizers. This lets the gift recipient know that some time and effort was spent finding and purchasing the gift basket. Since smoked salmon gift baskets are not a gift that is received everyday it will really stand out from the group of candy and cook gift baskets that others usually give.

Some people are not sure whether or not the recipient will truly enjoy a gourmet salmon gift basket. When deciding keep a few things in mind. Smoked salmon is considered to be a delicacy in most countries. This means that even if the recipient is not a huge smoked salmon fan they will recognize a high quality, gourmet item when they see it and will appreciate the implications. Even if they do not plan to eat it casually on their own the recipient can save the items in the gift basket to serve during a brunch or holiday meal. This will help them get use out of the thoughtful present while showing friends and family their knowledge of fine foods.

Choosing the right salmon gift basket can be hard to do. First time smoked salmon gift basket buyers are sometimes overwhelmed by the options that are now available. There are many products that can be made using salmon that has been smoked that are suited for a variety of different taste buds.

Most people are familiar with, and used to seeing, lox in a salmon gift baskets. Lox is a term used to refer to salmon that is served cold after it has been smoked. Lox is most commonly seen being served with bagels. Some people also enjoy lox in salads made from fresh, spring vegetables. Almost all smoked salmon baskets will include one fillet of smoked salmon that is intended to be served cold.

Running a butchery is no easy task; it takes skill, commitment, and quality to ensure its success. A skilled butcher will know which butchery equipment is best suited for their requirements, thus you will see a lot of quality products in a good butchery shop. But would a Biltong Smoking Cabinet be one of these products? Does a butcher need to have a Biltong Smoking Cabinet?

Well, that will depend on the additional services that they offer their customers. If the butchery only cuts and sells raw meat, then they probably don’t require a Biltong Smoking Cabinet. However, if they sell value added products such as biltong, then it is worth investing in one of these units. Biltong is the type of product that customers will buy if they are able to taste samples of it while they wait for their meat order to be prepared. So it can certainly increase the revenue for a butchery.

The Butcherquip Smoking Cabinet is an option worth considering as it is manufactured with two 2.5 kilowatt drying elements and one 0.75 kilowatt sawdust ignition element. It has 3 phases (neutral and earth) and operates at 230 volts. It is a large unit with a 600 liter capacity and a chamber size of 1000 x 655 x 1020 millimeters. So it is suitable for butcheries that have a high demand for biltong. For added convenience, it includes 15 aluminum rods to hang the biltong on, a sawdust grid, an ashtray, an element protective grid, and an expanded mesh tray.

The Butcherquip Junior Smoking Cabinet is a smaller unit with a 170 liter capacity and total size of 1015 x 610 x 940 millimeters. This unit is suitable for smaller butcheries and home industries that have a smaller demand for biltong. As it is smaller, it is manufactured with a 230 volts single phase. It has two 1 kilowatt drying elements and one 0.5 kilowatt sawdust ignition element. Despite its smaller size it includes 10 aluminum rods, a sawdust grid, an ashtray, an element protective grid and an expanded mesh tray. As far as butchery equipment is concerned, this unit is quite a contender.

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