Gold Mining in Vietnam: Illegal Gold Mining in Vietnam

Vietnam, the land, its people, and its entirety bared witness or, to be precise, had been the battle ground of the Vietnam War, the infamous war in which the world super power, the United States of America, had lost. However, that was the past, and the people had moved on towards cheap dab recyclers the future. Yet, the economy is not enough to make better the lives of thousands and millions of its citizens. Which is why the citizens grab as many opportunities they can grasp as long as it is tangible enough to support their families and perhaps spare some coins for the inevitably coveted worldly luxuries. Mining is one of these opportunities; therefore it is no surprise that gold mining in Vietnam has experienced some boom in recent years.

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Gold mining in Vietnam has also sparked interest both locally and internationally. In the rural areas, many have taken up Gold mining, hoping to strike better luck finding gold than farming. However, most of these independent self-interest miners are engaged in illegal gold mining in Vietnam – particularly in the Bong Mieu mine.

It is important to note that there are plenty of women participating in the illegal gold mining in Vietnam. Some families even camp deep in the mountains just to safeguard their sites and hope to yield gold without the need for going home. They even go to the extent of carrying their machinery.

Gangs ready to fight for gold ore, dangerous mining conditions, polluted water caused by illegal mining activities – these are but a portion of the actual situation regarding the illegal gold mining in Vietnam. Local authorities are unable to fully prevent or even stop the rampant illegal mining activities in Vietnam because all they can do is drive them away – and typically, these illegal miners would just keep coming back to flock to the mountains.

Canada is one of the countries who got interested of investing in gold mining in Vietnam. This Is beneficial for both sides since a country with a very capable economy like Canada can help provide job opportunities for the locals. Not only will their activities be legal, they can also expect an acceptable salary rate.

Gold mining in Vietnam may provide opportunities which its residents require to survive, however, going to the extent of engaging in illegal mining activities despite knowing the dangers and harm to the environment involved only means that poverty leads people to desperation. Hopefully, more investments on mining in Vietnam would provide safe and fair wages to the people who really need the opportunity to make their lives even a little better.

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